According to the Blog post by Quora titled "Quora Security Update" states that, They discovered that some user data was compromised, This happened due to some unauthorized system by malcious third party. They working hard to fix the issue. But the Data Breach was confirmed by Adam D' Angelo the CEO and Co-Founder of Quora who is the Author of this Blog Post.

What Happened?

On Friday, Quora team discovered that some user data was compromised by third party who gained unauthorized access to their system. The Internal securoty team has working harded to find how this happened. They retained a leading digital forensics and security firm to assist them.

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Compromised Data

As per the Blog post, Here are the Following things affect due to this Breach.

Approx 100 Million Quora users account has been compromised.

  • Which Includes Name, Email Address, Encrypted password, Data Imported from Linked networks when authorized by users.
  • Public content and Actions such as Questions, Answer, Comments, Upvotes.
  • Non-public content and actions such as answer requests, downvotes, direct messages (Very Quora users are using this feature)
  • Questions and Answer that were written anonymously aren't affected in this hack, Because Quora won't store the Identities of People who post anonymous content.

The overwhelming majority of the content accessed was already public on Quora, but the compromise of account and other private information is serious.

Quora Security team is working harded to fix the flaws.

If you're using the Same Password for all other account such as social media accounts. Kindly change it.

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